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How to use Venus and Mars in your natal chart to unleash your inner sex kitten

Venus is the planet of love and attraction. Mars, also known as the God of war, exudes passion, and expressive energy. Combining these two planets in your natal chart uncovers the inner goddess waiting to be released.

Pull up your natal chart and take a look at how the signs Venus and Mars sit in your natal chart.

Once you identify the energy influencing each sign, take a look at their house placement.

For example, let's say your Venus is in the 5th house of Leo. Leo energy is creative, attention-seeking, and romantic. The 5th house represents creation, performance, and how energy is expressed. If your natal chart has this placement, it can mean that your love style likes experiences such as grand romantic public gestures. Examples would be saying ‘I love you’ on the jumbotron at a major sporting event or proposing marriage to your partner at a concert of their favorite band. Then, find the placement of Mars in your chart to understand your sexual expression.

If you have Mars in the 10th house of Sagittarius, that often means you enjoy new experiences with many different sexual partners. The 10th house represents social status and public persona, so you may enjoy teaching others about sex or might be drawn to spiritual sex practices like Tantra and Tao. These combinations will help instigate your creative juices of self-love and excite your partner.


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