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Full Moon Tarot Blog • Pisces, The Moon

Seasons tidings my spookies! It’s Spooky Szn and almost time for Mabon and Samhain! This Saturday, the 10th of September we will be basking in a big beautiful Full Harvest Moon. This moon will be placed within our delightfully soft and spooky Zodiac sign, Pisces. So let’s talk about the classic Pisces energy we either love or hate. Then some you maybe didn’t know about, as well as our designated Tarot card and recommended ritual! So start off with some positive traits you may already know and some that might surprise you!

First, we have the deep-rooted intuition, now this is something everyone has and it shows up in many different ways! For some intuition is plain and simple that “gut” reaction that comes in urgent times, giving pause that later pays out. For others, it might be perfect timing, a good sense of people’s true colors, or maybe a random idea that turns fruitful. While normally this is something seemingly imaginative to Pisceans this is a trait that often feels like the only reality, a muscle regularly stretched and leaned on for support. Oftentimes we see Pisces placements are religious or spiritual or even psychic.

Another trait is Empathy, a lot of people in Pisces placements are very sympathetic to all the other signs. As the last house, it is believed that the Pisces sign has a little piece of all the other zodiacs inside of them, making them open to reading and understanding the other signs. Pisces are proud of their hearts, and often wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Pisces are nothing if not duality and with that are some shadow traits. First, you might often hear that Pisces are overly sensitive as if you might find one breaking down in tears often. As a Pisces myself I can say my body sheds water for all life’s deepest emotions; love, sadness, surprise, pain, joy- and I do so with pride. However, overly sensitive I would say there is a myriad of levels to that. Sensitive to our emotions? Oh, definitely. It comes with the territory and it takes time to sit in a space with your emotions where they don’t overpower you, but still very much exist and move through you. I also believe sensitivity is in relation to picking up on other emotions and energy. Pisces are strong empaths because they can pick up on what someone’s feeling. That as well as sensitivity to the paranormal picks up on the other kinds of energies that linger in our realm. Unfortunately, the downside can be it can be very hard to see clearly in dark and troubled waters, and the same can go for your emotions.

Another shadow trait can be how easily impressionable a Pisces can be. They are easy-going water and water will take any form you put it into. So make sure the people and the constructs you’re putting yourself into are forming you into the shape you want to be, not them. It’s not uncommon Pisceans struggle with different kinds of addiction, or abusive relationships due to their constant dreamy nature and easy-going attitude.

This brings us to the last shadow trait, self-destructive and closed-off behaviors. Pisceans feel everything and they feel it all deeply. From a delightful, unexpected surprise making a moment filled with color to fears of abandonment of community bringing everything to an all consuming, dark that beacons one in so dearly. When a Pisces has been betrayed or hurt one too many times or perhaps too traumatically they will shut down, close off, and self-destruct. Pushing away friends, family, and anyone wanting to pull them back into the deep. Relationships which are normally so nurturing and easy become a minefield, and every step feels scary. Pisces feel odd or spooky and sometimes misunderstood and this can make it hard to ask for help from others. So they just don’t ask for help and then they’re left feeling even more unworthy and uncared for. It really becomes this negative feedback loop that just feeds itself

Tarot Card: The Moon 🌝

The Tarot card associated with the Zodiac Pisces is The Moon. This cards primary focus is Intuition, creativity, dreams and nightmares. The water pictured in original artwork is symbolic of the subconscious and the land the conscious mind. The animals are representing the wild and the domestic, as well as the birth of the connection between it all- land, sea, sky, body, mind, and spirit. The moon card calls you to the dark side, and asks you to use the other sense. Dig deep down and feel what is calling for release. Is it the wild wolf or is the domestic dog? Or perhaps it’s the crawfish crawling from sea to land, becoming its own realm bender, learning step by step. The moon itself in the cards image and representation is your intuition. It is there to guide you through the darkness that may surround. The moon card can pop up in readings if you have been having dreams or nightmares, or feelings of intuition driving you towards, or possibly away from something. The moon can mean spiritual awakening or it can mean hidden dangers, all will depend on what your soul in your body is trying to tell you. So lean into your intuition, it’s a muscle and the more you practice, the stronger it grows.

Full Moon Activities, and Ritual

This Full Moon I ask you to reach inside yourself and find your own pisces energy, and ask yourself some hard questions before this retrograde. Could you be opening yourself up to others more deeply? Have you needed help that you were too afraid to ask for? Or maybe your intuition has been telling you something that you’ve been ignoring? Reach down deep inside and look to what is not holding your soul in this moment. What relationships are not serving you? What relationships have you been neglecting? Perhaps those are the ones to be set free and reimagined this Full Harvest Moon.

For this Pisces Full Moons ritual look to your favorite divination activities! Tarot is a personal favorite, but lighting a white/yellow candle and working your pendulum would be perfect too! Try out a form of Dream divination by staring into a candle flame before bed! Write an emotional poem and burn it under the moon light. Make yourself a full moon tea blend and read loose teas, or maybe a ritual bath with oils and herbs! Try something new and get creative in how you want to celebrate and release this Harvest Moon. Whatever it is you do, just make sure to dig deep and that intention is true!

🍂Have a very spooky and spiritual start to Mabon and Samhain season! 🍂

Sensually yours, Suki Suxen ✨


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