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New Moon in Gemini

New Moon in Gemini • Tarot Card: The Lovers

Long days and warm nights, laughter riding the winds high, and fresh fruit juice slipping over your bottom lip. We are officially in our magical Summer evenings lords and ladies!

Tonight on this summer's eve we will find our moon to be dark, mystical, and seemingly missing. Tonight’s lovely “moonless” eve is in our Astrological sign Gemini- The Twins! Our sociable, flexible, extroverted, clever, and impulsive sign of the zodiac and symbol of twins is a sign of duality, polarity, and genuine bridging between people and ideas!

Our Gemini sign is represented in Tarot by one of my favorite cards: The Lovers.

Now just like Geminis- this tarot card is often misunderstood, and complicated! Just like the Gemini zodiac, The Lovers card is symbolized by two people and is a card often pointing to the choices we make in our relationships.

Now let's do it suki style and break down this card piece by piece symbolically. First, a naked man and woman are seen in a garden of Eden type of scene. Above them is the angel Raphael and beside them are two different trees, and a phallic Volcan between them. The angel blesses the couple below him, his name “Raphael” meaning “healing”, this being a symbol of the spiritual connection of harmony with each other and the divine being connected Next to the woman is a tree filled with apples and a snake slithering up the tree's trunk, the fruit representing worldly pleasures and the snake represents knowledge, temptation, and lust.

Next to the man is a tree filled with flames, there are 12 flames to symbolize the 12 zodiacs is and idea of eternity, the flames themselves are a symbol of his concerning principle of passion. The man looks to the woman, as the woman looks to the angel symbolizing the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious that resides within all of us individually as well as within our different relationships in life.

The Lovers card is often thought of as a “good fortune” card or a “romantic” card, however, it is a symbol of a choice. Whether it is between two lovers, two friends, or perhaps between two business partners- I often find this card comes up in readings where someone is unsure about a relationship or at some sort of crossroads with it. This card can mean soulmates, marriage, a strong bonded friendship, or a very fruitful business partnership.

In Reverse this card can mean a myriad of possibilities, so as always it's important to use your intuition as well as the context of the position of the card or cards laid with it! This card in reverse could mean cheating or deception within a relationship, or it could also mean self-love specifically. Don’t freak out because this card in reverse could also just mean you're a little out of sync with the people you hold around you, conversations and more openness could be called for here. I have also had this card come up when I was not in a good relationship with myself many times. It's also vital to remember that there is no “bad” or “evil” card or position, every card is a piece of a story and if it's hard to hear then you should try and take it as you would from someone who loves you.

Afterall Tarot is YOUR ENERGY* Baby, and you have the power to be the person you want to be or have the life you want to have.

The Lovers remind you that you have a choice, and it's your reality to shape sexy. Look within and look without on this Gemini New Moon.

Gemini’s are people who often dance within the polarity of their relationships, Gemini people are often friends with lots of different kinds of people, don’t have a “type”, or often come up with ingenious, but risky drunk adventures. The twin is symbolic for the two sides of our psyche, our conscious and subconscious, the inevitable “good” and “bad” that live in all of us. The Lovers card asks you on this New Moon, to lean into your twin, look for flexibility and fun, and find harmony in the moment or within the person. Because they are you, and you are them- we are all connected and share the same love, struggle, and pain. Gemini’s remind us of this, and so on this new moon, I dare you to call in your dark side or your light- whichever you rarely play with.

Open your heart to see what’s really in front of you. Light two candles, and ask yourself what do you really want? Are there relationships in your romantic or career life that need nourishment? Are there conversations to be had, so that bonds may be strengthened? Or perhaps a desire for great new love?

Tonight I will be celebrating this new moon with a double card pull for me and my lover. We will each shuffle the deck, cutting it down the middle, each taking a side, and setting each stack down in front of us. The card I pull from the top of the stack and set below will be how I show up for my lover. The second card I pull is set horizontal across the first card, this card is how I can better show up for my lover. He will do the same and his first card will represent how he shows up for me, and the second card placed on top of the first card will represent how he can better show up for me.

This “Gemini Spread” can be used for friends, and also partners in business or passions, really any type of relationship! Try it out tonight if you have a deck!

Manifest your magic and stay sexy!

Sensually yours,

Suki Suxen


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