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The Star and Full Moon in Aquarius

Tonight's Full Moon that has blessed our night sky; starting last night and filling out tonight is in the quirky, but fixed star sign Aquarius. Aquarius is a fascinating and eccentric star sign filled with its own sense of individuality and drumming to its own beat. Aquarius as a star sign is peculiar because it is shape-shifting fun. It is a fixed sign meaning a sense of order, doing things right, and follow-through is important. Aquarians are also big humanitarians, very much intuitive with their hearts set for a community in the shape of the grand design and betterment of the entire community rather than the individual.

The tarot card for the water bearer star sign Aquarius is no other than the water-bearing tarot card The Star. This combination might just be my favorite, as there are many parallels between these two cosmic entities. The tarot card The Star features a naked woman pouring water into water and onto the Earth, symbolizing nurturing and replenishing for the greater good. It also shows this woman with one foot on the land symbolizing stability and intellect, while her other foot is placed within the water symbolizing emotions and intuitions. The balance between our material world and the otherworld makes her balanced and open to many messages and faucets.

We also see this in Aquarians, as they are the only star sign to toggle perfectly between the elements water and air- a sign that is ruled and led by their emotions paired with their intellect. Using their intuition to guide them and combining it with their ability to remain focused and grounded. This sign is the poster child for the phrase one foot in and one foot out, being fixed in what they think is right while allowing themselves to bend and feel things out as they go.

As we leave our Cancer season and head into Leo we may be feeling strong from emotional connections that may have revealed themselves and now leave us feeling like a bit of a bad bitch. There's nothing like strong emotional connections to nurture and leave us feeling empowered and ready to hustle into this new Leo season. With this Full Moon, we find ourselves ending another summer month and another season of reasons. Perhaps you left an emotional connection that was no longer serving you, or maybe you’ve been left by one and don’t quite understand why. Well, the Full Moon asks you to sit and be still with yourself, evaluate the woes and the whys and figure out what it is that you feel called to do. Build upon your community or strike it down and start fresh somewhere else?

Full Moon in Aquarius asks you to take a look at your community, what is it they need from you, and in return what you do for your community will be done for you. The Star card is absolutely the most positive card for accelerated motion, this card calls for creating and collaborating. Let The Star guide you through the night and show you just what kind of emanating light you can truly be for your community, and in return become surrounded by other stars like you.

By looking around we truly do look within, as our surroundings and communities often are reflections of ourselves and inner workings. Not happy with the community you’ve found yourself in? Perhaps you don’t agree with their beliefs or behaviors. The beautiful thing about us as star creatures is we are filled with light energy to create and change our realities how we see fit. Ask yourself why your community no longer serves you or fits you and meditate on what it is that your soul craves and needs to feel capable of supporting your community. Light a white or yellow candle as a symbol of the full moon and The Star's energy. Write on a piece of paper what it is you're letting go, whether that is a person, a place, or a mindset- burn the paper under the full moon into the night sky and allow the ether to open itself up to your request.

The Star reminds us of where we came from, and what we’ve always been made of, pure unadulterated stardust and star energy that makes us master motivators and master creators in this realm that belongs just to us. Howl at the full moon and bask in the wolf pack that howls around you, knowing you are a part of the one.


Suki Suxen


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