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The Sexual Energy of Gemini

Yaaaasssss... I love Gemini season! The birds are chirping and the bros are bro-ing at the patio bars. It's time for us to bust out our sexy sundresses and bikinis. We are all craving to connect and have fun after dealing with the pandemic and heavy social issues. The topics of multiple partners and networking within my community have been on my mind. I'm blaming it on the Gemini Sun lounging in my 10th house of career and social status. Gemini is the ultimate energy for exploring open relationships and how to maintain important connections while making space for something new and exciting. Geminis are known for having a wandering eye and being a trickster. But really they just love connecting with people and learning new information from others. If you have a lover with strong Gemini energy, be socially adaptable, good at communication and open to experimentation to keep them engaged.

Meditate and call in the airy liveliness of Gemini by focusing on your throat chakra. This will help you communicate your desires and boundaries to your partner. Explore mentally stimulating material like sexy poems or listen to a podcast that provides sex advice. This is also a great time to play with binary sex practices that have a dual element. Dom/sub play is a fun way to explore the yin and yang power exchange Gemini represents.

Important Dates for June:

June 5th Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 18th Mercury goes Retrograde

June 20th Sun enters Cancer

June 21st New Moon in Cancer


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