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The Lovely Lioness...Welcome to Leo Season

You're gonna hear me ROAR!!!!! As Katy Perry would say, you need to be louder than a Lion to be heard these days. Leo season is full of fun, sun, and COVID still ain't done. Despite the ever looming presence of a pandemic and a failing government, the season of the Lion still has many astrological gifts to give to those deserving of the royal treatment.

The key to feeling sexy when a Leo Sun comes out to play is self care. A Leo knows how to honor the body and care for the heart. Incorporating more cardio to get the blood flowing from the heart will improve your sleeping habits and increase stamina in the bedroom (meow!).

All you cool cat and kittens out there get to decide what kind of feline energy you want to channel from now until August 22nd when the Sun moves into secretly kinky Virgo. Are you channeling your inner lioness by focusing on protecting yourself and loved ones from the craziness outside? Or are you a soft and sweet kitten ready to pounce and play with their lover in a sexy king sized bed? However, you decide to release that fire, make sure you don't get caught up in the stubbornness of Leo. Around August 15th ,Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus. When Uranus goes retrograde, we collectively experience things from the past that could involve technology or environmental relapses. Whatever happens will be shocking and the status quo could look different after Uranus clashes with heavy hitters Saturn and Pluto.

Important Dates:

8/3 Full Moon in Aquarius

8/15 Uranus goes Retrograde in Taurus

8/18 New Moon in Leo

8/22 Sun Moves in Virgo


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