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Major Arcana #13: The Moon

Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus

By Suki Suxen


When drawing The Moon card in a tarot reading, many people become quite anxious about its arrival. The card is often depicted with many dark but minimal light colors. The moon card is the symbolism of two sides of the duality coin- shadow and the light that creates it or is cradled in it. The traditional Rider-Waite deck uses the symbolism of the moon casting a modest amount of light upon the night. The card shows a wolf and a dog on either side of the card which symbolizing one’s wild and tame nature of the mind- or the light and shadow self. There is a crawfish crawling out of the ocean's bay- the ocean's water is significant to one's subconscious emotions and the beginning of intuition's fruition. The crawfish crawling out of its safe environment is meaningful of one's exploration from the birth of our spirit and using what we already possess to explore and guide ourselves through the dark and terrifying night. The night is a time in which we have no physical sight, thus we must rely on our intuition to guide us through.

Da Moon!!

The Moon card overall is a call to your intuition. If the sun is a call to action, movement, and enjoyment of what has bloomed beautifully before you- the Moon is simply asking you to pause and listen to the call within you. The spirit that fills your lifeforce and fuels your soul is there to guide you in times of worry or trouble and to provide you with a prudent amount of guidance for what it is you wish to manifest. The sun's light gives us clear knowledge of what is and isn't, but The Moon provides us with nature's feeling of what could be lurking in the shadows- or rather what is lurking within our shadow self. The worry or the anxiety you may feel could be your personal alarm system to alert you that something could hinder your progress. You could be asked to look at your repressed emotions or ideals and then feel called to walk within your shadow self and become comfortable with all sides of who you truly are. Now is the time to face the wolf's wild nature and let go of the dog’s domestic obedience.

When drawing this card reversed it is a rejection of your intuition. Spirits have been trying to tell you something, but they've been pushed down and ignored. It can also be a blockage of intuition, perhaps you have gone too long without it and need to spend time rebuilding the trust within yourself.

The Moon is connected to the zodiac sign Pisces, which is the sign that dances in the dark and feeds upon intuition. Pisceans are natural empaths and incredibly sensitive to energies and feelings that people and situations project. Pisceans are mystical and often blessed with gifts that align with the spirit realm. They are tied to it just as the earth is tied to space and the stars.

Intuition can often be dismissed as fraudulent because it ties us to the otherworld. The Moon card challenges idea. Sometimes your intuition is the only light you have among the darkness. Let go of what claims to be “truth”, and begin to trust in yourself. The very stardust that makes you also makes up the world and the entire universe. The beautiful thing about the dark and the use of your intuition is the more adapted to the dark your “eyes” become.

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